IT Helpdesk

Help desk software enables support agents to provide quick and easy answers to help seekers. The right help desk software makes it simple for agents to organize, prioritize, and resolve requests so nothing falls through the cracks.


Help Desk Ticketing

The helpdesk ticketing system serves as the core transactional platform for the IT Service Desk – orchestrating both incidents and service requests throughout the service desk function and any extended support teams.


Knowledge Management

Knowledge is the most valuable resource the service desk has and to maximize operational performance they need to make knowledge data the best quality it can be.


End-User Self-Service

Many issues and requests that generate user calls into the IT Service Desk are things that the user could address on their own if they had the right set of tools and access to information.


Service Desk Management and Reporting

Management and reporting functions are critical within the IT Service Desk as leaders seek to optimize operational costs, preemptively identify business impacting issues (major incidents), manage user satisfaction and ensure SLA compliance.

Management Tools

Mini ERP

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