Machine Learning Crawler

We provide an infrastructure that can efficiently-manage the enterprise web scraping with end-to-end services and customized enterprise web scraping solutions.


High-Performance Servers

We provide the best high-speed Enterprise web scraping experience. Our web scraping services are cloud-based that can crawl thousands of pages without getting IPs blocked and deliver accurate data in most common formats.


Hassle-Free Services

We offer best crawler services that can churn tens and thousands of pages at top speed, without the hindrance of getting blocked or purchasing servers or managing proxies.


Data Quality & Maintenance

We specializes in transforming unstructured and massive data into high quality, perfectly usable and organized information is our forte.


Customizable Services

Evada Solutions provides the Best-in-Industry services to the customers. We develop a custom web scraper as per the client’s requirements. Our web crawler runs the tasks on the required schedule and without missing any data.


Professional Approach

Evada Solutions delivers a fully-managed and end-to-end scraping service for the Enterprise customers. We crawl the web, fetch the data, extract customized and structured information from it, clean and deliver the data to the customers in most common formats.


Analytics Tools

Evada Solution has positioned itself as a unique player in the local
Enterprise Computing Services environment.